Comfort Zone vs. The Labyrinth

The Comfort Zone is a society of certainty and constancy. You now exactly what you’re going to get it. It’s a reassuring, predictable place that allows people looking for harmony and order to feel the illusion of safety. But the problem with this seemingly flawless world of comfort is that everything is simply an illusion, and nothing is truly authentic. There’s a false façade of formality and respectability that tames natural order and segregates into classes. It is a safe zone of bourgeoisie order physically and conceptually and offers a forced domestic harmony to those who can’t bear to live without it.

The Labyrinth lacks the order of the Comfort Zone, but also lacks the judgmental attitudes of its members. Unlike the Comfort Zone, it’s a place where the unconventional is the norm, and anarchy rules. The Labyrinth attracts a wide range people, including bohemians and criminals, who are seduced by its alluring mysteriousness. This a society that promotes undiscriminating behavior and promiscuity. Taboo impulses and forbidden desires are condoned in this world of extremes. If you like the idea of living in a heterogeneous society where you can have fluid, ambiguous identities with no restrictions on pleasure, you may consider following the serpentine path towards the Labyrinth. However, if you aren’t capable of living in land where fear flows through your veins and mystery looms down around the corner, you may prefer the tranquility of the comfort zone.

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